Three International Experts in Scientometrics and Informetrics Visited CASEE
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April 16 and 18, 2019Chinese Academy of Science and Education Evaluation (CASEE) at Hangzhou Dianzi University held a series of academic Salons in scientometrics and university ranking. Dr. Ludo Waltman, professor and executive deputy director of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University, Dr. Cassidy R. Sugimoto, associate professor at Indiana University and president of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI), and Dr. Vincent Larivière, associate Professor at Université of Montréal were invited to give lectures to CASEE staff and students. Prof. Junping Qiu, Dean of CASEE as well as other staff and students attended the lectures.


On April 16, based on the perspective of scientometrics, Dr. Waltman introduced ten principles of university ranking method, and pointed out the methodological problems existing in the current university rankings. He used the example of Leiden university rankings to show how to use scientometrics to scientifically rank universities. After the presentation, Dr. Waltman had a hot discussion session with CASEE staff and students and carefully answered their questions. Afterwards, Prof. Qiu and Dr. Waltman held a preliminary meeting regarding future collaboration on university rankings and other research projects.


On April 18, both Dr. Sugimoto and Dr. Larivière provide a lecture named The present situation and challenge of Scholarly communication and research evaluation for CASEE staff and students. They reviewed the emergence and development of scientometric indicators from the historical point of view, analyzed the present situation and challenge of its application in scientific research evaluation, and revealed how to use scientometric indicators objectively to evaluate scientific research. They also answered students’ questions at the end of the lecture. They both met Prof. Qiu after the lecture and discussed the future collaboration between CASEE and ISSI.